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Medicine Health Tips

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Learn more about tips you can use when taking medicine weather its prescribed or over the counter.

·         Always read the label carefully.

·         Always take your medicine exactly as your doctor tells you to.

·         Always inform all of the doctors (if you see more than one) has a list of all of the medicines you're taking

·         Ask your pharmacist to help you make a schedule for taking your medicines (if you are taking more than one medicine) so that you know which medicines to take at what times of the day.

·         Use one pharmacy for all your prescriptions; the pharmacist can help you keep track of what you're taking.

·         Keep a list of the medicines that you take and how often you are to take them.

·         Before taking over-the-counter medication always consult with your pharmacist or doctor to ensure that there are no contraindications

·         Don't stop taking a medicine or change how much you take or how often you take it without first talking to your doctor.

·         Never take someone else's medicine.

·         Don't use medicine after its expiration date.

·         Don't crush, break or chew tablets or capsules unless your pharmacist or doctor tells you to. Some medicines won't work correctly unless they are swallowed whole.